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How the HCG Weight Loss Diet Works

The HCG weight loss diet is the key to long-term weight loss. If you have seen discussions of the HCG diet on the Internet, you see many people reporting that the diet has helped them to lose weight and keep it off when all other weight loss plans have failed. mensolutionplus.at

Where did the HCG diet come from? http://mensolutionplus.ch/

First of all, in spite of what naysayers would have you believe, there is a scientific foundation for the HCG diet. The HCG weight loss diet was created and perfected by Dr. A.T. W. Simeons, a British endocrinologist, in the 1950s after many years of critical research and thousands of case studies. men solution


     tips The HCG diet was never a " hit or miss " fad diet, nor was it created by Kevin Trudeau. He just made a lot of money selling a book about it. You can get the real book " Pounds And Inches, by Dr. Simeons " for free on this site. http://mensolutionplus.it/

The HCG diet begins with two days of fat loading. This works to " trick " your cells into thinking there is enough of a surplus of fat coming in so that when you start the diet it won?t be a shock to the system where the body goes into famine mode. You start the HCG drops on the first day of loading and you eat high fat foods for two days. men solution plus

The next phase is called VLCD, short for " very low calorie diet ", which is the weight loss phase of the HCG diet. You can stay on this phase for as long as you wish, but for a minimum of 21 days. Most people go anywhere from 21 to 38 days. http://saintlegiere.de/

While you only eat 500 calories daily, the HCG releases 3000-4000 calories from fat storage into your body each day. This is what prevents the intense hunger on the low calorie diet that you would normally have if you didn?t take the HCG

The HCG weight loss diet concludes with a maintenance phase, which is when the body stabilizes at its new weight. Without this phase, the weight comes right back ? dieters see this happen on every other diet, but not the HCG diet.

In maintenance, calories are increased, a wider variety of food is added to the menu, and the goal is to keep your weight within two pounds of your weight on your last day of HCG.

Maintenance is followed either by the Life phase (eating normally) or by another round of the HCG diet if you want to lose more weight.

HCG weight loss shots vs. drops

Today, more people are using HCG drops, a homeopathic remedy, which can be taken as droplets under the tongue. This method is just as effective as the daily HCG shots but it?s much less expensive and no prescription is needed. You can take the droplets several times a day while following the very low calorie HCG diet.

Where to buy HCG?

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